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Stabled Riders Trailer unloading:  Drive through the farm main entrance, straight back to the temporary stabling tents.  Unload and Park in the pasture.  Please let us know if you have a semi trailer prior to entry so we can reserve appropriate parking. 

Stabled Riders Trailer Parking: After unloading,  you will be directed to park the trailers in rows parallel to the North fence line of the pasture OR pull around behind the treeline and park along the East fence line.

Jump Out Parking: Drive past the main gate to 180th St N.  Turn East (Right) and proceed 0.5mi. before  turning onto the grounds.  The parking steward will direct you to park trailers in parallel columns to maximize capacity.

Car and Visitor Parking:  Visitor parking  is available on the grounds. Drive down the driveway  straight into the pasture and park along the fence line on the North side of the pasture or the South side of the driveway.  Alternate parking is available by driving past the main gate to 180th St N.  Turn East (Right)  and park outside the white fence line by the jump field. Please do not block the gates. 

CHF Map of Grounds

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