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Carriage House Farm hosts several clinics and events each year.  Consider hosting your event with us.  Go to the CONTACT page and send us your event request as soon as possible.  Dates fill quickly!

2020 Carriage House Farm Events

FEB 8-9: Yves Sauvignon Clinic @Carriage House Farm (slgoepfe@yahoo.com) RIDE TIMES

MAR 21-22: Yves Sauvignon Clinic @ Carriage House farm (slgoepfe@yahoo.com)

APR 30- MAY 1: Becky Holder Clinic @ Carriage House Farm (aboweb2@gmail.com)


MAY 2-3 : JDRP Clinic with Becky Holder @CHF (lburgess@proofpoint.com)


MAY 24:  3-Ring Circus Schooling Show (christy@stcroixsaddlery.com)


MAY 31: Carriage House Farm Combined Test (aboweb2@gmail.com)


JUNE 11: Becky Holder Clinic @ Otter Creek ( aboweb2@gmail.com)


JUNE 14,15,16 Pony Club Rally @Carriage House Farm (?)


JULY 9-10: Becky Holder Clinic @ Copeland Farm (aboweb2@gmail.com)


AUG 13 : Becky Holder Clinic @ Otter Creek Farm (aboweb2@gmail.com)


AUG 29-30: Red Pines Schooling Show@CHF (hunter/jumper) (aboweb2@gmail.com)