Carriage House Farm

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Rejuvenate, (aka Nate), is an 1998  Oldenburg/TB cross gelding, (Renaissance-Lost Issue) and is the first home bred horse of Carriage House Farm.


He was broke as a 3 year old and started by resident trainer Greg Sheedy and then went to the eventing world with owner Ann and trainer Becky Holder. Nate has won many championships most notably may be the 2006 Intermediate Gold Cup Championship with Becky Holder aboard.     




In  2009 Rejuvenate  moved up to Advanced with Becky and successfully competed a 3 star.   










Feb. 2012 Ann and Nate traveled to NC to train with Becky Holder where they moved up to Intermediate at Southern Pines Horse Trials in March. (video) With a successful run there they continued to compete at Intermediate throughout the 2012 season, winning most of their events in area 4.






 2011-05-20 - Otter Creek Spring H.T. (WI) Area 4    Preliminary/Training    2nd Place    Ann Bower
2010-09-24 - Otter Creek Fall Horse Trial (WI) Area 4    Training    2nd Place    Sue Goepfert
2010-09-04 - Silverwood Farm Fall H.T. (WI) Area 4    Training  6th Place  Sue Goepfert
2010-07-30 - Catalpa Corner Charity Horse Trial (IA) Area 4  Training  1st Place  Sue Goepfert
2010-06-25 - Fox River Valley Pony Club H.T. (IL) Area 4  Novice  3rd Place  Sue Goepfert
2009-07-09 - Maui Jim H.T. (IL) Area 4  HT 3-StarCIC3*  9th Place  Becky Holder
2009-05-06 - Jersey Fresh Three-day Event (NJ) Area 2  3-Day 2-StarCCI2*   4th Place  Becky Holder
2009-04-02 - The Fork H.T. & CIC3* (NC) Area 2  Advanced  Becky Holder
2009-02-27 - Pine Top Spring Advanced H.T. (GA) Area 3  AdvancedATest   3rd Place  Becky Holder
2009-02-14 - Pine Top Winter II H.T. (GA) Area 3  Intermediate  1st Place  Becky Holder
2008-10-16 - Hagyard Midsouth Three-Day Event & H.T. (KY) Area 8  3-Day 1-StarCCI1*  2nd Place  Ann Bower
2008-09-26 - Otter Creek Fall H.T. (WI) Area 4  Intermediate  1st Place  Becky Holder
2008-09-10 - American Eventing Championships (IL) Area 4  Intermediate  1st Place  Becky Holder
2008-08-30 - Trott Brook Farms H.T. (MN) Area 4  Preliminary  5th Place  Ann Bower
2008-07-10 - Maui Jim H.T. (IL) Area 4HT 1-StarCIC1*  6th Place  Ann Bower
2008-06-20 - Fox River Valley H.T. (IL)  Intermediate/Preliminary  3rd Place  Ann Bower
2008-03-21 - Southern Pines H.T. II (NC)  Intermediate 1st Place Becky Holder (GA)
2008-02-29 - Pine Top Spring Advanced H.T. (GA)Intermediate  2nd Place   Becky Holder  
2008-02-16 - Pine Top Winter II H.T. (GA)  Intermediate  Becky Holder (GA)       
2008-02-09 - Sporting Days in Aiken H.T. and C.T. Intermediate/Preliminary  First Place  Becky Holder (GA)