Carriage House Farm

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Carriage House 2018 Calendar of Events


Date                             Event                    

MAY 10-11: Becky Holder Clinic @ Carriage House Farm ([email protected])
MAY 12-13 : JDRP Clinic with Becky Holder @CHF ([email protected])
MAY 17-29: MHJA Hunter/Jumper Show (
MAY 27: 3-ring Circus Schooling Show ([email protected])
JUNE 7: Becky Holder Clinic @ Otter Creek ( [email protected])
JUNE 28: Becky Holder clinic @ Woodloch ([email protected])
JULY 27: Becky [email protected] CHF or Wildwood ([email protected])
JULY 19-22: Carriage House H/J ?B? rated show ([email protected])
AUG 27-28: Becky Holder Clinic @ TBD ([email protected]) (tentative)
AUG 31-SEPT 2: Pony Club Certification ([email protected])
SEPT 23: Red Pines Schooling [email protected] (hunter/jumper) ([email protected])


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